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Studex Student Starter Kit

Studex Student Starter Kit


Studex is the world's largest ear piercing manufacturer - Health Authority approved and EEC compliant. Studex Plus Ear Piercing System is a quick, hygienic, no contact system. Using sterile piercing earrings the system is spring loaded for quick piercing with minimum discomfort and automatic installation of clasps. Earring are available as single pairs or cost effective packs of 12.

Kit contains 1 Studex White Instrument, 12 pairs of Regular Earrings (3 Gold-Plated and 3 Stainless Traditional Balls, 3 Gold-Plated and 3 Stainless Bezel Crystals), and 12 bottles of Aftercare Solution. The Studex Student Starter Kit is ideal for college students to get started. Supplied in a cardboard box to keep the cost down.

Trade Price: 38.50 (46.20 Including VAT at 20%)