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Professional Beauty Products
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College Stock Orders

Many colleges throughout the UK use The Nail Company for their supplies of stock items. On receipt of an official college* purchase order The Nail Company will ensure the following, leaving you to concentrate on teaching your students. You can trust us to get the contents and packaging of your order right and despatch it without delay.

10% DISCOUNT on all orders £100.00 net and over
30 DAY ACCOUNT facility given on receipt of official college* purchase order
(*Privately owned schools may apply for an account facility)
FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £100.00 net
NEXT DAY DELIVERY on most orders
FAST FULFILMENT of orders, massive stocks kept on the premises
ALL SHOP ONLINE catalogue items available
BULK SIZES (unlabelled) products available
SEASONAL PROMOTIONS available saving £££££££'s on normal prices
PROFESSIONAL ADVICE available from our technical staff