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Star Nails Fusion Gel Clear 60ml 50% OFF

Star Nails Fusion Gel Clear 60ml 50% OFF

Ref: SN70358

50% OFF Normally £32.99+VAT, now £16.49+VAT.

Fusion Gel by Star Nails is a new system. This all-in-one formula is a unique fusion of polymer technology. Fusion Gel has all the benefits of Acrylic & Gel systems, yet performs on a whole new level.

Fusion Gel is stronger and lighter than normal nail extensions & allows ultimate control to perfect work, diminishing filing time. Fusion Gel works on your demand requires no ratio or mixing and cures under LED/UV light.

How to use Fusion Gel?
1. Firstly, squeeze desired amount of Fusion Gel out of tube.
2. Using a brush or dual tool, pick up product and place onto the nail.
3. Shape using a brush and Fusion Gel Slip Solution to manipulate & control product.
4. Once satisfied, cure under LED (60 seconds)/ UV (90 seconds) light.
5. Smooth & shape the nail further with a nail file or sanding block.
6. Add a long-lasting topcoat to the nail to prolong quality and shine.

Star Nails Fusion Gel Clear 60ml

Trade Price: 16.49 (19.79 Including VAT at 20%)