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SalonSystem Flare Black Short Lashes EXTRA VOLUME

SalonSystem Flare Black Short Lashes EXTRA VOLUME

Ref: SS0225125

If you're a fan of the quickness and versatility of Salon System's Individual Lashes, they you're going to love their just-introduced Extra Volume range.

These lashes are designed to create a full intense look that's perfect for an A-list party or when you need to create a really dramatic look.

What's more the extra volume in each lash means you can get a full effect in less time than with ordinary lashes, so they're ideal for when you're short on time.

Salon System Individual Lashes Extra Volume come in Black in 2 sizes: Short or Medium.

SalonSystem Flare Black Short EXTRA VOLUME

Trade Price: 3.40 (4.08 Including VAT at 20%)