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NSI Easy Soak Nail Bath

NSI Easy Soak Nail Bath


Offer a more professional service to your clients and speed-up your removal times with the Easy Soak Nail Bath. A more comfortable solution to regular soaking methods and the unique lid helps reduce the odour from the acetone and other soaking solutions.
Step 1: Fill the bath with approx 800mls of hand touch hot water Step 2: Carefully pour Acetone into each of the nail wells to the required level to cover your clients nails Step 3: Place fingertips in the nail wells and cover the hands with the Easy Soak Nail Bath lid. Step 4: Soak the fingers for 5 minutes. Step 5: Working with a disposable towel lift the clients hand out of the Acetone and gently scrape the nail plate using an orange wood cuticle stick then soak the nails for a further 5 minutes.
Step 6: If the entire residue has not been successfully removed, repeat steps 4 & 5 until the nails are completely cleaned then wash hands thoroughly. Gently file the nail and apply cuticle oil.

Trade Price: 22.95 (27.54 Including VAT at 20%)

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