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Hive Lash Tint 5. ESPRESSO DARK BROWN 20ml

Hive Lash Tint 5. ESPRESSO DARK BROWN 20ml

Ref: HBE7223

20ml tube size.

Dark, strong and intense! Lashes love a shot of Espresso DARK BROWN.

The perfect accompaniment for clients with darker skin tones, Espresso DARK BROWN also provides rich colour and superb definition to clients with a light complexion. Espresso DARK BROWN is the boost eyelashes and eyebrows crave to achieve deep sophisticated colour and a luminous effect.

Therapists can choose to create a bespoke blend of colour for clients to complement their eyes and skin tone to perfection using Hive Lashtint No. 4 Urban GREY to lighten, or No.1 Impact BLACK to provide even darker shades.

- Developed for professionals
- Cortex Colour Technology for vibrant results
- InterMix Colour Collection for bespoke colours
- Results lasting up to 6 weeks*
- 30 – 40 applications*
- Fast development time
- Water resistant
- Smudge resistant

*Dependent upon individual therapist’s application and client’s hair growth

Hive Lash Tint 5. ESPRESSO Dark Brown 20ml

Trade Price: 4.75 (5.70 Including VAT at 20%)

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