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NEW Hive Lash Tint BROWN 20ml

NEW Hive Lash Tint BROWN 20ml

Ref: HBE7211

New size 20ml for same price! Same quality product just repackaged.

Paint the town red, but tint your lashes Uptown Brown!

Clients with dark lashes and eyebrows will be given a fantastic depth of rich, refined brown colour for a natural and chic appearance with increased volume and shape for day or night, ensuring admiring glances whether at work or play. Light coloured lashes and eyebrows will absorb the warming hues to create an enduring and enviable look. Therapists can choose to mix with No. 1 Impact BLACK to create an intensely deep brown to compliment dark skin tones.

HIVE® Lash Uptown BROWN provides the perfect chic tone that transitions from day to night looks effortlessly.

NEW Hive Lash Tint BROWN 20ml.

Trade Price: 4.50 (5.40 Including VAT at 20%)