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Lash FX MINK Lashes B Curl Tray 0.2 x 11mm

Lash FX MINK Lashes B Curl Tray 0.2 x 11mm

Ref: LFX0371

Lash FX Mink Eyelashes are softer than regular synthetic eyelashes and create beautifully natural look. Lash FX Mink Lashes have a beautiful, natural sheen and are feather light. These stunning eyelash extensions add fullness to take lashes to another level.

These lashes are a B Curl (this is the curl in between a C Curl and a J Curl). With a straight body and curved at the tip end, B Curl lashes give a glamorous effect for straight natural lashes while having a large area for adhesion. 0.2mm (extra thick) thickness. Contains 3,600 lashes approx.

Lash FX Mink Lashes B Curl Tray 0.2 x 11mm.

Trade Price: 10.95 (13.14 Including VAT at 20%)