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Options Mini Wax Heater 0.5 litre

Options Mini Wax Heater 0.5 litre

Ref: HOB5005

Small and compact for the direct insertion of pots of warm or creme depilatory wax of your choice in either plastic or metal containers. The unit now comes with a new inner container which is also suitable for use with low melt paraffin wax or hot film wax.

The provision of a metal handle/scraper bar allows the wax container of your choice to be easily inserted or removed from the heater. The off-centre position of the scraper bar provides for good access to the wax during use. It is recommended that cardboard protective heater collars are used at all times to protect the heater in use.

From Hive of Beauty, Options Mini Wax Heater 0.5 litre (500cc).

Trade Price: 46.95 (56.34 Including VAT at 20%)