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Hive Multi-Pro Cartridge Heater - 6 chamber

Hive Multi-Pro Cartridge Heater - 6 chamber

Ref: HOB6006

Suitable for use with: 75g / 80g / 100g Wax Depilatory Cartridges / 100g Hive Paraffin Spray Cartridges.
Use with all sizes of roller depilatory cartridges and the patented Hive Paraffin Spray Cartridges. Paraffin and / or roller depilatory cartridges can be heated to different temperatures at the same time within one unit. Each side of 3 chambers has it's own thermostat.

Heater only, no cartridges included.

From Hive of Beauty, Multi-Pro Cartridge Heater (6 chamber)

Trade Price: 68.25 (81.90 Including VAT at 20%)