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Cuccio Dipping System Starter Kit

Cuccio Dipping System Starter Kit

Ref: C5530-INTRO

Starter Kit - the most cost effective way to trial the range - contains:
14ml Powder Polish Nail Primer (Step 1)
14ml Powder Polish Nail Base & Top Gel (Step 2 & 4)14ml Powder Polish Layering Gel (Step 3)14ml Powder Polish Gel Activator (Step 5),14ml Powder Polish Brush Cleaner (Step 6), 14ml Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil (Step 7), 14g (0.5oz) Passionate Pink Powder, 14g (0.5oz) French Pink Powder, 14g (0.5oz) Clear Powder, 14g (0.5oz) White Powder, 14g (0.5oz) Multi Colour Glitter Powder, 3 x Powder Polish Dipping Trays, CONTENTS WORTH £73.14 if purchased individually! IMPORTANT NOTICE: Issues with -Steps 1-2 Gel Base & Top Coat and step 3 Layering Gel. With these two products the cap is sealing itself to the neck of the bottle. This is because the user is not coating the neck of the bottle with Cuticle Oil as suggested on the instruction label of the bottle. It is recommended after every use, Cuticle Oil is applied around the neck of the bottle, this will prevent the gel from sealing the cap onto the bottle

Trade Price: 49.99 (59.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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