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SINGLE Plastic Backed Couch Roll 20" x 50m

SINGLE Plastic Backed Couch Roll 20

Ref: ECPP1709S

Waterproof Couch Roll.
The paper layer absorbs liquids, whilst the impermeable plastic layer prevents any liquids seeping through onto the couch or material below. This specialist couch roll is ideally suited to procedures or treatments where there is a risk of fluids penetrating regular paper-only couch roll, contaminating the surface below. This couch roll allows absorption but not penetration.

1 ply paper, 1 ply polythene, Full 20"/508mm wide rolls x 50 metres length
Colour: White
Easy tear perforations every 40cm.

Trade Price: 7.50 (9.00 Including VAT at 20%)

01932 851 505