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Orly Epix Flexible Sealcoat 0.6oz

Orly Epix Flexible Sealcoat 0.6oz

Ref: OR24800

Orly Flexible Sealcoat is recommended when using alongside any and all of the Epix Flexible Color range in order to achieve desired results.
Step 1: Flexible Color - Begin by performing a dry manicure. Lightly buff nails and clean nail surface. Apply one even coat of EPIX Flexible colour to each nail. Apply a second coat for full coverage.
Step 2: Flexible Sealcoat - Finish with 1 coat of EPIX Flexible Sealcoat to seal in colour and shine. For extended wear, reapply Sealcoat every 3 days.
Orly Epix Flexible Sealcoat fuses the colour coat together to create one strong, flexible layer.
Smudges will continue to self-repair until the Flexible Color is fully dry.
Recommended Retail Price £16.50.

Orly Epix Flexible Sealcoat 0.6oz.

Trade Price: 8.25 (9.90 Including VAT at 20%)

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