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Cuccio MatchMaker Cuppa Cuccio

Cuccio MatchMaker Cuppa Cuccio

Ref: CCV6119-LED-M

Soft glitter shade in platinum gold.

Cuccio Matchmaker Cuppa Cuccio
NEW LOWER PRICE! Cuccio Match Maker kit, matching a trend setting Cuccio professional lacquer and marrying it with the same matching shade from Cuccio Veneer Soak Off LED/UV Nail Colour. Match Maker kit is perfect for matching manicures and pedicures, with flawless colour co-ordination. Kit contains one 13ml bottle of nail lacquer and one 13ml bottle of Veneer Soak Off LED/UV.

Trade Price: 8.36 (10.03 Including VAT at 20%)

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